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Mantra Biometric Attendance Machine in Delhi Mantra Biometric Machines are manufactured in india using state of the art hi- tech manufacturing techniques and in house software development teamsm make products more useful and user friendly solution wheather it be biometric attendnce system for office, Biometric Door Access Control System or Biometric Attendance and Door Access Control all in one machine. Mantra range of biometric and card attendce accee control devices help system integrators to design more comprehensive and qulity solutios. Some of very popular models of Mantra: Mantra MBIO5N, Mantra MBIOG1, Mantra BIOFACE MSD1K Face Reader Machine, Mantra MFSTAB for AadharAttendance, Mantra MBIO18 and SBIO18, Mantra 12U, Mantra MBIOST2, Mantra MBIO16 Biometrc Machine with Wi Fi, Mantra MBIoG2, Mantr Lift Controller SEMAC-S3-V1, Mantra SME01 Card Device, Mantra SEM02 Card Reader, Mantra SMF01 Card Reader, Mantra MBIO- G3, Mantra MBIO MSD1KW Face Reader Machine, Mantra BIOFACE MSD150 Face Reader Machine, Mantra MBIO-ST1, Mantra MFACE- FA200 Face Reader Machine, Mantra MBIO-ST1, Mantra MFACE- FA300 Face Reader Machine, Mantra MBIO-ST1, Mantra MFACE- FA300W Face Reader Machine, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV1, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV2, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV3, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV5, Mantra BIOGPRS1 Biometic Attendance Access Control, Mantra BIOTIME 11, Mantr RF ENTRY2 CARD, Matra Bioweb RC1 Corporate Biometeic Reader, Mantra Bioweb C1, Mantra Bioweb C2, Mantra Bioweb C3, Mantra Bioweb B3, Mantra BIOFINGER MINI PROX/ MF, Mantra WEBPASS E, WEBPASS M, Mantra Acces Controller MAC D2, Mantra Acces Controller MAC D4, Mantra Acces Controller MAC S2, Mantra BF-20, Mantr BF-50, Mantra URF-001 EM, USB READER, MANTRA MINI UPS (MULTI VOLTAGE).
Door Access Control System with Advance PLC & HMI integration for proper output and control. We design and supply complete solution with all access control features like door open delay alarm, data storage, event report, controller inegration with PLC controller and output in desired form on Human Machine Interface Devices. Our team of experts implement complete solution on turn key basis starting from small to large establishments and buildings.
We are the designer and supplier of latest technology products of HID. All type of readers cards and software for HID equipments is designed and supplied as pe the requirements. Ask our team for your current HID card type requirements readers controllers or special high tech equipments. HID proximity cards are available in all format and bit size. HID i class cards are available in all formats and types. We also provide latest HID controller with web software launched recently thi month.
Using HID Card Reader to secure your office door is the right choice. HID card technology empower the security of building through centralized controller and common monitoring software for one or more locations at a time. Making arrangements for building security is the essential part of business continuity planning, security of manpower and security of data. We are the supplier for HID Access Control System which includes HID proximity HID I Class Smart Cards, HID Small and Medium Range Reader, HID Vertex Controllers and Controlling Software. We also undertake the maintenance for the HID Equipment throughout the premises.
HID Card Access Control & Monitoring System HID USA range of access control reader and card is most commonly used access control system type in the country. HID card maintain secure and safe office entry & exit by keeping the unformatted in encrypted and coded form which is not possible to be replicated or copied. HID Access Card Serial Numbers are unique and the same card number never gets produced, HID keeps track for every serial number which is an added layer of physical security through access control card readers and controllers. The devices and cards are available throughout India and can be procured through Goldline Security Systems, New Delhi & Gurgaon Sales Offices.
Biometric Access Control System We are one of the best supplier and service provider for Biometric Door Access Control System in Delhi & Gurgaon. Biometric Door Access Control System is Both Door Control and Time Attendance System for the office. This system can be installed on glass door, wooden door or metal door with fingerprint or face reader access control device, exit button and electronic lock. In case of multiple doors distributed access conteol system is designed with biometric or card based readers and controllers. These solutions are customized as per the office type, door requirements and type of record required for the employees with different software applications.
Biometric Time Attendance Machine Manesar We are leader in providing time and access control solutions in Manesar Gurgaon. With so many installations in Gurgaon, Manesar. We have implemented various multi-location attendance projects. We have designed and delivered solutions to all major schools, corporate, ranging from access control system, time attendance management system, system access, multi-door controller. In Out time monitoring of employees time in organisations.
HID Access Card Control System We supply & implement compel HID Card Reader Based Access Control System for Secure Office Doors. We do HID Cards Supply, Programming according to customer serial number details. HID vertex controller HID Reader integration is done with our team of experts. HID readers can be integrated with other brand of access panels as required. Contact of Sales Team: Phone: +91-11-41011664
Lift access control supply and integration is done throughsupply and installation of biometric Fingerpeint, card, password based readers or combination of all three technologies with inbuilt controller. Lift can be accessed by simply putting Fingerpeint on the device glass or just showing card to lift or elevator access reader. This biometric and card readers is very simple small in size which can easily implemented with any of the loft brand. Example for lift brands: ECE, Schindler India, Thyssenkrupp, Otis Elevator and Kone India and many others. Card lift access is very useful solution and can be transferred to guests and support staff who are allowed to use and enter in to the lift or elevator, others will not have permission to enter the lift and lift door will not get open for them.