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BIO-METRIC ATTENDANCE MACHINE authorised Distributor WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS WITH 24X7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND SERVICE. Biometric Attendance Machine with payroll software are used to manage employees attendance effectively and efficiently. We can apply for leave through this software.Bio Metric Attendance Machine generate multiple report in different formats. For more details please contacts us on 9811410963 or visit us on,
Biometric Time Attendance Machine Manesar We are leader in providing time and access control solutions in Manesar Gurgaon. With so many installations in Gurgaon, Manesar. We have implemented various multi-location attendance projects. We have designed and delivered solutions to all major schools, corporate, ranging from access control system, time attendance management system, system access, multi-door controller. In Out time monitoring of employees time in organisations.
Mantra MFSTAB Aadhar Enbaled Biometric Attendnace Machine This is the bes tmodel available for aahdar enabled attendance of employees & students as per the NIC & NSDC guidelines. Mantra Model MFSTAB contains 7 Inches Display, Wi-Fi & GPRS, Inbuilt Battery Backup, STQC & UIDAI Certified Fingeprrint Scanner & 1 Year Warranty with It. Contact Our team for Further Details: Phone: +91-11-41011664
We provide best Biometric Attendance System with Software and installation. Warranty offered is 1 year onsite with easy replacement of parts and training of software if required. Time attendance software gives attendance reports and very useful formats. System operator can generate daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports from the system with clink from the software. The biometric machine is capable of mark attendance for 1000 employees with colourful display, USB and LAN computer port, inbuilt battery and very good design which looks better when installed on office walls. Biometric Door Access Control can be Achieved with the same fingerprint attendance machine.
Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Device for Limited Use of Mechanical Machines. You can control use of your production machines through fingerprint of card so that only limited and authorised employees could use the machines and record of machine login can be kept in device for generation of access report. This is very useful solution which can be integrated with any of the Machine hardware.
Biometric Access Control System We are one of the best supplier and service provider for Biometric Door Access Control System in Delhi & Gurgaon. Biometric Door Access Control System is Both Door Control and Time Attendance System for the office. This system can be installed on glass door, wooden door or metal door with fingerprint or face reader access control device, exit button and electronic lock. In case of multiple doors distributed access conteol system is designed with biometric or card based readers and controllers. These solutions are customized as per the office type, door requirements and type of record required for the employees with different software applications.
Biometric Attendance System for Small Medium & Large Offices is mandatory requirement these days. It is tested and result oriented system which non only controls time attendance of the employees but also maintain the discipline within the organizations. Results of implementing bioemtric attendance system in office are very effective and helps every organization to get more work hours, effective work hours and good working environment. HR department can get all the information on single click which reduces the efforts to keep attendance records and providing reports and. All the given factors lead to the company profits as bioemtric identity of employee is recorded one time and it is identified every time employee marks attendance. Fingerprint biometric attendance machines are being used largely in all types of offices and organization which is very easy to implement and cost effective solution.
We are the main service provider in Lift Access Control System in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi NCR An access control application that is very common in multi-story buildings such as multi-tenanted office blocks and hotels that need to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing certain floors via the lift(s). Elevator Access Control (EAC) helps you practice better control over your facility. The software is easy to customize and it works in tandem with user(s) specified needs such as time zone preference, to name just a few. It supports fail-safe mode which means even during power failure EAC elevator car continues to work in normal mode, wherein, it allows movement to every floor. We are the main service provider in Lift Access Control System in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi NCR For more details please contact us on 9811410963 or visit us on :
Mantra Fingerprint Scanner for CAMS EKYC authorised by IMFI india and UIDAI Aadhar Agency. Mantra MFS100 is used with CAMS EKYC and distributor KYC applications with easy kyc through fingerprint. This method of kyc is called EKYC and requires very less efforts and time to complete any customer verification online on real time basis. Secondly this method allows transactions above 50 thousand without any upper limit with ARN number of distributor. This is easier and safest method of kyc, distributor just requires biometric device which is Mantra Fingerprint Scanner MFS100 and CAMS EKYC application which can be downloaded from play store of any smart phone.