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SMART ATTENDANCE SYSTEM for Child safety in Schools. Our attendance systems are devices that automatically mark student attendance. As an advanced feature, the attendance record of the student is also sent to his or her parents, using a simple mix of GPRS and SMS. Parents can thus be assured of their wards’ safety, knowing that they have reached school safely. Many renowned schools have already incorporated this system into their way of life. And we hope you will adopt this healthy safety practice into your educational system too. Contact our team for further information and suitable solution customised as per your requirement- +91-11-41011664
Card Access Control & Time Attendance System RFID card access control and attendance system is a very useful solution for office door control with recording of employee attendance and other in & out timings with late coming entries, early going entries etc. Software can generate reports in excel, pdf or print out formats for analysis and salary making process. Same device and card can be used for school attendance system of students and school staff with automatic information to partners about school entry & exit time of children. For Better Solution Design and Costing Please Contact Our Team: +91-11-41011664
Biometric Attendance System Biometric Attendance Machines can keep control over the manpower office attending timings, helps in maintaining discipline, Save Work Hours, Automatic Time Attendance System Reduces Manual Entries and Human Errors and Reports are generated with Minimum Human Efforts and Time. Fingerprint Attendance Machines can be place in single or multiple offices with centralized data management and salary. Contact our team for further information and suitable solution customized as per your requirement- +91-11-41011664, +91-8708734212
Access Control System for Mechanical Production Machines. Our advance and latest designed machines control all types of CNC and other automatic mechanical machines for authorized and recorded access control of use. Various choices or selections can be made for access type as per the requirement like smart card reader, fingering reader, face reader or combination of card & fingerprint readers. Contact our team of experts for pre sales support and help to get right product as per your current requirement.
Mantra MBIo G1 Biometric Attendance Machine for Recording Time Attendance of office Staff and taking Reports in PDF and Excel sheets. This is suitable device for small and medium office establishments to mark attendance through just placing fingerprint for impression of fingerprint. This machine is advance model with push data automatic data transfer technology and contains all features like colour display, keypad, LAN port for computer connectivity, USB port & Inbuilt Battery Backup etc Call our technical & sales team for more information on solution and best price as per your requirements- 01141011664
Managing data is the most essential part of every business and non profit organosations today. Time Attendance Management and Employee Record Keeping is one of the main part of all the modules. Recording Attendace of employees tgrough vey reliable biometric or card machines and sending the recorded date in server on reltime basis is the necessity of almost every business today. The automatic time attendaance system not only keeps the record but also help in saving of work hours waste due to a non regular employee and improves discipline through out the organisation.
Door Access Control System Card Reader We are the supplier & designer of Card Reader Based Door Access Control System solution for building. We provide compete end to end solution with supply installation testing & commission of the door automatic access control solutions. Using proximity card reader for entry in office door is controlled by the controller and centralized software with entry exit report in excel & pdf format or as per the customer requirement. Contact our team for more information and current requirements.
Definition - What does Biometric Security mean? Biometric security is a security mechanism used to authenticate and provide access to a facility or system based on the automatic and instant verification of an individual's physical characteristics. Because biometric security evaluates an individual’s bodily elements or biological data, it is the strongest and most foolproof physical security technique used for identity verification. Techopedia explains Biometric Security Biometric security is mainly implemented in environments with critical physical security requirements or that are highly prone to identity theft. Biometric security-based systems or engines store human body characteristics that do not change over an individual's lifetime. These include fingerprints, eye texture, voice, hand patterns and facial recognition. An individual's body characteristics are pre-stored in a biometric security system or scanner, which may be accessed by authorized personnel. When an individual walks into a facility or tries to gain access to a system, the biometric scanner evaluates his/her physical characteristics, which are matched with stored records. If a match is located, the individual is granted access.
Realtime Time Attendance Biometric Machine in Delhi NCR Now a days technology change all the aspects of every process. A simple attendance process convert into biometric attendance system which more accurate and more reliable than manual attendance process. Less chance of proxy present of absent person. No need to calculate salary, software calculate automatically on basis of biometric attendance. Attendance can be done by detect finger face and card on daily basis. With attendance machine you can controls your door also with door access control system. For more details please contact us on 011-41011664, 9811410963