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Using HID Card Reader to secure your office door is the right choice. HID card technology empower the security of building through centralized controller and common monitoring software for one or more locations at a time. Making arrangements for building security is the essential part of business continuity planning, security of manpower and security of data. We are the supplier for HID Access Control System which includes HID proximity HID I Class Smart Cards, HID Small and Medium Range Reader, HID Vertex Controllers and Controlling Software. We also undertake the maintenance for the HID Equipment throughout the premises.
Managing data is the most essential part of every business and non profit organosations today. Time Attendance Management and Employee Record Keeping is one of the main part of all the modules. Recording Attendace of employees tgrough vey reliable biometric or card machines and sending the recorded date in server on reltime basis is the necessity of almost every business today. The automatic time attendaance system not only keeps the record but also help in saving of work hours waste due to a non regular employee and improves discipline through out the organisation.
Realtime T502 with LAN for PMKVY and other Govt. scemes. We are the authorised business partner of Realtime Biometrics Devices. We are the main stockist and distributor in Delhi, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon for Realtime T502 with LAN for PMKVY and other Govt. scemes. For more details please call us on 9811410963 or visit us on:
Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System with Cloud Software for Multiple Office Locations In simple case we install an attendance machine and software in our office on LAN network which is the best suitable solution for single office, in case of multiple office more time attendance devices needs to be connected to the single time attendance software. This is done more conveniently these days through cloud software and the HR department of Admin can get location wise attendance reports from the common software from anywhere from internet browser. This solution is in common use for office attendance recording & monitoring from centralized locations of business. Call us for Fingerprint Attendance Machine & Cloud Time Attendance Software Requirements.
Aadhaar EKYC applications require biometric devices to verify Aadhaar card holder with fingerprint impression. Mantra MFS100 is one of the best fingerprint scanner for all type of Aadhar EKYC applications. Application area of Aadhaar biometric devices as very wide and there various departments and government and private businesses which require these AAdhar biometric machines like Banks EKYC Sim Card Activation of idea Vodafone airtel bsnl tata dcomo wallets like Paytm Mobikwik EKYC Payment applications like pay nearby jeevan pramaan etc