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Using Biometric Fingerprint Scanners is very common and became the part of day-today life these days. Mantra MFS100 V54 Fingerprint Scanner model is the best suited model for all types of Aadhar EKYC and other enrollment and authentication software applications in different fields; Govt. Schemes Sim Card Activation, Aadhar Verification for Jeevan Praman Yojana Aadhar EKYC for Paytm, Aadhar EKYC for Mutual Funds, Aadhar EKYC for Banks, EKYC for RBI linked Applications and many more current processes and schemes.
White Listed Mantra MF100 Fingerprint Scanner is the best choice for all types of Aadhar Linked Paper Verification EKYC being used in almost all the current aadhar applications running within the country. Mantra Finger device is made ready with Aadhar Server Registration and Activation to keep it ready to use for the customer. Complete process of whitelisting or RD Service Activation of MFS100 Scanner is performed by the Manufacturer.
Access Control System for Mechanical Production Machines. Our advance and latest designed machines control all types of CNC and other automatic mechanical machines for authorized and recorded access control of use. Various choices or selections can be made for access type as per the requirement like smart card reader, fingering reader, face reader or combination of card & fingerprint readers. Contact our team of experts for pre sales support and help to get right product as per your current requirement.
Advance Technology Dahua HDCVI DVR HCVR5416L V2 is a hybrid DVR for CCTV which is used with old analog cameras, current HD cameras, and 2 channels for IP camera. Dahua’s advance latest Tribrid Technology enables us to keep using old analog and HDCVI cameras while at the same time upgrading to Latest technology high resolution HD and IP Cameras . Dahua high technology DVR lets us to install all three types of camera types available in the market. Dahua 5416 DVR has 4 SATA port whih can use up to 6TB hard disk on each port. This improves the volume of storage and allows to keep more recorded data for months as per the requirement, compliance and company policies. Call our technical team for more information and price: 011-41011664
We are the authorised service providers for AMC and Maintenance of Multi Brand Access Control Solutions part of building security and automation. Our team of technical experts provide onsite services for regular maintenance and working of biometeic and card based door access control solutions. Brands: HID, Honeywell, Spectra, Smarti, ESSL, Secure Eye, Realtime, Time Watch, Mifare etc. Contact our team to discuss your current maintenance requirements.
Biometric Attendance System We are authorised suplier for multi technology biometric fingerprint attendance machines and software for reporting and data collection. Brands we deal in are Mantra Biometric Realtime Biomax ESSL Spectra Smarti Honeywell HID. Contact our team for your current requirementremt and price.
Biometric Attendance System for Staff Attendance Recording and Reporting. Biometric attendance machines and software has made it very easy to collect the staff attendance, provide information on click about late comings absenteeism etc. on real time basis. Today’s time attendance solutions have got smarter and easy to maintain with user friendly console for taking multiple types of reports in desired excel or pdf formats. For your current requirement please call us at: 01141011664
We are the designer and supplier of latest technology products of HID. All type of readers cards and software for HID equipments is designed and supplied as pe the requirements. Ask our team for your current HID card type requirements readers controllers or special high tech equipments. HID proximity cards are available in all format and bit size. HID i class cards are available in all formats and types. We also provide latest HID controller with web software launched recently thi month.
Door Access Control System Card Reader We are the supplier & designer of Card Reader Based Door Access Control System solution for building. We provide compete end to end solution with supply installation testing & commission of the door automatic access control solutions. Using proximity card reader for entry in office door is controlled by the controller and centralized software with entry exit report in excel & pdf format or as per the customer requirement. Contact our team for more information and current requirements.