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Mantra Bio Time16 Biometric Attendance System Mantra biometric attendance machine biotime16 is one of the best machines available for time attendance and biometric door access control with 2.8 inches colour display and elegant design which suites office environment and ads better look to office premises. This machine have a capacity of 1000 fingerprints, 100000 transaction storage( IN & OUT Data), LAN port for conputer connectivity, inbuilt battery backup and very useful time attendance software. Time Attendance software have all the employee data management, daily/ weekly/ monthly attendance management, office policy management and leave module management with multiple reporting format ( excel, pdf, sql table, print). For further details please contact our solution design team: Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Mantra MBIo5N Biometric Attendance System Biometric Attendance Machine for office staff attendance suitable for medium a and large manpower setups. This Mantra Biometric Machine is one of the best machines available in the industry and have excellent finger sensing capability with very low FRR ( False Rejection Ratio). Aceess Control Feature is inbuilt for attendance cum door access control use. For further details please contact our solution design team: Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Mantra MSD1K Face Biometric Attendance & Access Control System. This machine is complete package for a ll types of offices and factories with attendance marking options through face, finger, card or password. In case of access control all four access options can be used. With Face capacity: 1000, Transaction Storage: 1, 00000, Colour TFT Display, LAN Port( TCP/IP), Inbuilt Battery Backup, Time Attendance software for keeping track of employee In & OUT time with orvetime report, leave report, OD Report and compkete Employee management. For further details please contact our solution design team: Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
We provide best Biometric Attendance System with Software and installation. Warranty offered is 1 year onsite with easy replacement of parts and training of software if required. Time attendance software gives attendance reports and very useful formats. System operator can generate daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports from the system with clink from the software. The biometric machine is capable of mark attendance for 1000 employees with colourful display, USB and LAN computer port, inbuilt battery and very good design which looks better when installed on office walls. Biometric Door Access Control can be Achieved with the same fingerprint attendance machine.
Biometric Access Control System We are one of the best supplier and service provider for Biometric Door Access Control System in Delhi & Gurgaon. Biometric Door Access Control System is Both Door Control and Time Attendance System for the office. This system can be installed on glass door, wooden door or metal door with fingerprint or face reader access control device, exit button and electronic lock. In case of multiple doors distributed access conteol system is designed with biometric or card based readers and controllers. These solutions are customized as per the office type, door requirements and type of record required for the employees with different software applications.
Biometric Time Attendance Machine Manesar We are leader in providing time and access control solutions in Manesar Gurgaon. With so many installations in Gurgaon, Manesar. We have implemented various multi-location attendance projects. We have designed and delivered solutions to all major schools, corporate, ranging from access control system, time attendance management system, system access, multi-door controller. In Out time monitoring of employees time in organisations.
Mantra Range of Biometric Attendance Machines Include BioTime-16 Biuotime16 is one of the best models for time attendnace recording & management of staff in small & medium offices. Fingerprint Attendance & Door Access Control Solution acn be designed using Bio time 16 finger, card & password based machine with inbuilt Battery Backup. Contact Mantra Distrubution Team, New Delhi Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Realtime T502 Wi Fi, GPRS & LAN, 3G with 7 Inch Display, STQC and Aadhar Enabled Firmware We are the supplier for Realtime Aadhaar Attendance Machine, T 502 TCP/IP. Lowest price with best features available in buying of Realtime T-502 Biometric Attendance Machine. This is UIDAI approved machine designed as per NIC guidelines which is suitable for all AEBAS applications. Common areas of use: NSDC, PMKVY, STAR and Govt. Organisations. Fore more information and procurement, pls. Visit:
Card System for Lift Access Control Very useful solution fir controlling unauthorised use of lift, limited consumption of electricity with minimum maintenance advantages. Access card system of lift is implemented with lift calling control system to use of lift for restricted use of lift. A combination of card and biometric fingerprint lift access control system provides more advantage of solution. Call our team for best design of your intelligent lift card or biometric access control system in low budget: