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Mantra Bio Time16 Biometric Attendance System Mantra biometric attendance machine biotime16 is one of the best machines available for time attendance and biometric door access control with 2.8 inches colour display and elegant design which suites office environment and ads better look to office premises. This machine have a capacity of 1000 fingerprints, 100000 transaction storage( IN & OUT Data), LAN port for conputer connectivity, inbuilt battery backup and very useful time attendance software. Time Attendance software have all the employee data management, daily/ weekly/ monthly attendance management, office policy management and leave module management with multiple reporting format ( excel, pdf, sql table, print). For further details please contact our solution design team: Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
EM Lock 600 LBS Electromagnetic Lock for Door Control & Autopsied Entry System. This is electronic type of lock with magnet based principle and a force of 600LBS which is enough to control any single wooden, glass or metal door. EM Lock for Door Access Control system is best solution for all types of office secure doors and to control unauthorized access to the premises. This is easy to implement and have normal pricing which anyone can afford. EM Lock gives outstanding performance and works for long time as it is very rugged in shape and design.
We offer Finest Technology by Texecom Security Alarm System for all your Home Office Banks Warehouse or Showroom Security and Rea-Time Information. All Individual Parts of the system can be programmed as per the Requirement with MOTION SENSOR, SHUTTER SENSOR, DOOR SENSOR, GLASS WINDOW SENSOR AND PET IMMUNE SENSORS for sensing the type of object creating the alarms. When you are not at your premises you will get immediate information about intruders, defaulters and burglar’s whoever have entered without your permission.
Biometric Fingerprint Door Access Control System is a very useful solution for office security and entey exit record keeping in computer. Set of door access control devices and software enables small medium and large offices to keep control over restricted access in premises and at the same time using that record for attendance etc. There are various good brands available for use in fingerprint or card access control system. Recommended Brands: Mantra Softech, Realtime Biometrics, Secure Eye, ESSL, Biomax, Smart I, Spectra, Time Watch, Honeywell, HID, Virdi and Dahua etc. Contact our technical and sales ta for more clarity on solution and very good offer price of Biometric Finger Based Door Access Control Solution. Contact us at: 01141011664
Card Swipe Access Control System for Office Door Security and IN/ OUT Recording. Access Control System with card for door security is very common security tool for small medium and large offices these days. Starting from the small establishments going to the large buildings these card access control system enables the owner 7 managers to control the entry of exit in premises. This system allows only authorized users carrying card and keeps record of entry & exit time with card number and name of the employee. Contact our team for your requirement and implementation of the given system.
Using HID Card Reader and Controller is one of the best way to secure your premises through door access control system. HID being one of the best manufacturer of Card Access Control System have all the specifications and features which suites any building premise security requirements. HID is the choice of maximum building consultants and solution designers today.
Every elevator is accessible to all who is visiting the premises and this creates problem of access use, wastage of electricity, increased maintenance cost majorly security breach is at the top of them all. You can keep the suitable lift or elevator fingerprint or card access control system for controlling the use of elevator. This will keep unauthorized visitors away from the elevator, increase security and minimize the lift maintenance costs. If you choose a solution with option for floor wise programming of card and fingerprint then every floor office can control the entry of unauthorized persons to that floor which will be limited to the office employees and support staff only.
Using HID Card Reader to secure your office door is the right choice. HID card technology empower the security of building through centralized controller and common monitoring software for one or more locations at a time. Making arrangements for building security is the essential part of business continuity planning, security of manpower and security of data. We are the supplier for HID Access Control System which includes HID proximity HID I Class Smart Cards, HID Small and Medium Range Reader, HID Vertex Controllers and Controlling Software. We also undertake the maintenance for the HID Equipment throughout the premises.
Access Card Reader RFID Every door or gate in secure & private premises requires some intelligent system in place for controlling entry exit of employees & visitors. Keeping card reader solution on front door and other sensitive places in the premise is the best way of security & monitoring entry exit events in any company or organization. We are the supplier of complete range of RFID Proximity Card Readers and Smart Card Readers with suitable controller & software. Cards are supplied and programmed as per the customer requirement. Contact our team for more information & costing of the system