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Smart i RFID Card Door Access Control System Smart i provide complete range of card based door access control system. RFID & Mifare Card readers are manufactured with very high product standards & quality. we Supply install, test & commission complete set of Smart i Access Control Panel for 2 Door or 4 Doors, Smart i Door Access Reader, Locks, Exit Switches/ Buttons etc. Smart i General Product Models for Access Control: Access Control Panels- SmartXS, SmartXS NG, SmartXS NG Plus, SmartXS 1U, SmartDIS. Reader models: SmartRID, SmartProx (Smart i Access Control Panels also Support HID Readers.) Access control Software- SmartCOMMANCONTROL, SmartACCESS Contact us for more information & prices.
Mantra Biometric Attendance Machine in Delhi Mantra Biometric Machines are manufactured in india using state of the art hi- tech manufacturing techniques and in house software development teamsm make products more useful and user friendly solution wheather it be biometric attendnce system for office, Biometric Door Access Control System or Biometric Attendance and Door Access Control all in one machine. Mantra range of biometric and card attendce accee control devices help system integrators to design more comprehensive and qulity solutios. Some of very popular models of Mantra: Mantra MBIO5N, Mantra MBIOG1, Mantra BIOFACE MSD1K Face Reader Machine, Mantra MFSTAB for AadharAttendance, Mantra MBIO18 and SBIO18, Mantra 12U, Mantra MBIOST2, Mantra MBIO16 Biometrc Machine with Wi Fi, Mantra MBIoG2, Mantr Lift Controller SEMAC-S3-V1, Mantra SME01 Card Device, Mantra SEM02 Card Reader, Mantra SMF01 Card Reader, Mantra MBIO- G3, Mantra MBIO MSD1KW Face Reader Machine, Mantra BIOFACE MSD150 Face Reader Machine, Mantra MBIO-ST1, Mantra MFACE- FA200 Face Reader Machine, Mantra MBIO-ST1, Mantra MFACE- FA300 Face Reader Machine, Mantra MBIO-ST1, Mantra MFACE- FA300W Face Reader Machine, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV1, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV2, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV3, Mantra SECCUREACCESSV5, Mantra BIOGPRS1 Biometic Attendance Access Control, Mantra BIOTIME 11, Mantr RF ENTRY2 CARD, Matra Bioweb RC1 Corporate Biometeic Reader, Mantra Bioweb C1, Mantra Bioweb C2, Mantra Bioweb C3, Mantra Bioweb B3, Mantra BIOFINGER MINI PROX/ MF, Mantra WEBPASS E, WEBPASS M, Mantra Acces Controller MAC D2, Mantra Acces Controller MAC D4, Mantra Acces Controller MAC S2, Mantra BF-20, Mantr BF-50, Mantra URF-001 EM, USB READER, MANTRA MINI UPS (MULTI VOLTAGE).