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Mantra Biometric Machime MFSTAB AEBAS Aadhar based biometric fingerprint attendance machine is very useful solution for maintaining the punctuality in maintaining the punctuality and keeping attendance records in Govt. Offices AE BAS, PMKVY Institutes, Attendance of College/ school staff and students, Jeevan Pranam, Prisons, ESIC, NDLM, APNA CSC, Digital Locker, Jharkhand AEBAS, Jharkhand Skill Dev, Digipay, RSLDC, UIDAI Child, Enrollment, CSE Centers Manrega Roshan Project, DDA, Haryana School Development, Uttrakhand AEBAS, Uttrakhand Aadhar Attendnace System Projects and all other STQC Certified Projects.
Definition - What does Biometric Security mean? Biometric security is a security mechanism used to authenticate and provide access to a facility or system based on the automatic and instant verification of an individual's physical characteristics. Because biometric security evaluates an individual’s bodily elements or biological data, it is the strongest and most foolproof physical security technique used for identity verification. Techopedia explains Biometric Security Biometric security is mainly implemented in environments with critical physical security requirements or that are highly prone to identity theft. Biometric security-based systems or engines store human body characteristics that do not change over an individual's lifetime. These include fingerprints, eye texture, voice, hand patterns and facial recognition. An individual's body characteristics are pre-stored in a biometric security system or scanner, which may be accessed by authorized personnel. When an individual walks into a facility or tries to gain access to a system, the biometric scanner evaluates his/her physical characteristics, which are matched with stored records. If a match is located, the individual is granted access.
Mantra Bio Time16 Biometric Attendance System Mantra biometric attendance machine biotime16 is one of the best machines available for time attendance and biometric door access control with 2.8 inches colour display and elegant design which suites office environment and ads better look to office premises. This machine have a capacity of 1000 fingerprints, 100000 transaction storage( IN & OUT Data), LAN port for conputer connectivity, inbuilt battery backup and very useful time attendance software. Time Attendance software have all the employee data management, daily/ weekly/ monthly attendance management, office policy management and leave module management with multiple reporting format ( excel, pdf, sql table, print). For further details please contact our solution design team: Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963, 8708734212
Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance Machine for Schools, Colleges & Institutes- Mantra MFSTAB Realtime T502 and RS405, Matrix, Prescsion Aadhar biometric for Schools, college staff and students is common these days as Indian Central and State Govt. Policies for Maintaining employee time punctuality and discline. Most common are tablet bases biometeic attendance machines with STQC certofoed fingerpeint scanner, wifi, gprs, LaN Port and inbuilt battery fir machine operation without power up to 4-6 hours of battery backup. For more product information and good price contact our team as per below given contact details.
Mantra MSD1K Face Reader Biometric Attendance Machine Mantra Face Attendance machine with inbiilt Face Reader, Fingerprint Reader and Card Reader, LAN Port, Colour Display and inbuilt Battery Backup. Mantra MSD 1k is the best suitable model for large office establishments and large number of staff, Factory or workshop environment etc. Mantra Softech MSD1K is enabled with Door access control features if required tonbe used for both attendance and door access control at the same time. Contact our Technical & Sales Team for More information on machine Mantra Paytime and Cloud Based Time Attendance Software and best Price- 01141011664
HID Access Control Reader Controlling building doors through HID Access Control Readers is the ultimate way to secure premises. We are the supplier and service provider for complete range of HID security solutions for a secure & safe workplace environment. There are various models & varieties are available to fit the building interior and requirements of the customer. Starting from the basic HID proximity reader to the long range readers and smart card readers we have every hid device to design high end security solution. Contact us for more information on products & the prices.
Tribune News Service Chandigarh, January 11 To ensure punctuality of medical officers and other medical and para medical staff, the Health Department has decided to install biometric attendance system in all government hospitals. Health Minister Brahm Mohindra today said this in a press conference held to flag the notable achievements of the department within 10 months. He said the plan would start with introducing the system in 22 district hospitals. He said the Health Department would establish 2, 950 health wellness centres in the state. The minister added that Punjab was the first state in the country that had taken this initiative. He said these centres would be established in a phased manner and under the first phase 240 such wellness centres would be opened within this year in Fazilka and Pathankot districts and in two blocks of Patiala district. The Health Minister said the Congress in its election manifesto had promised to set up five new medical colleges and hospitals in the state. He said construction of the first college would start in Mohali this year. The minister stressed on the need to establish trauma centres to extend crucial life-saving health care to the injured during critical hours. He said the state government had decided to set up five trauma centres across the state. He added that in the first phase these trauma centres would come up along the national and state highways. The minister further added that the state government was all set to initiate the first-of-its-kind unique programme, under which State Organ Tissue Transplantation organisation would be established to provide organ and tissue donation under tertiary health care services. WWW.GOLDLINESECURITYSYSTEMS.CO.IN
Biometric Attendance System for Small Medium & Large Offices is mandatory requirement these days. It is tested and result oriented system which non only controls time attendance of the employees but also maintain the discipline within the organizations. Results of implementing bioemtric attendance system in office are very effective and helps every organization to get more work hours, effective work hours and good working environment. HR department can get all the information on single click which reduces the efforts to keep attendance records and providing reports and. All the given factors lead to the company profits as bioemtric identity of employee is recorded one time and it is identified every time employee marks attendance. Fingerprint biometric attendance machines are being used largely in all types of offices and organization which is very easy to implement and cost effective solution.
Precision PB510 is a high quality Fingerprint reader, designed for Aadhaar based authentication applications including Banking, e-PDS, ABAS, Aadhaar Pay, e-KYC, Jeevan Pramaan and other enterprise Biometric Applications like 2FA, eSSO, & SAP. The reader is certified by STQC and support Android, Windows & Linux Operating Systems. PB510 reader utilize advanced thin film optical imaging technology for generating superior quality fingerprint images. The user needs to simply place his/her finger on the blue illuminated platen and the onboard electronics quickly constructs the high quality Fingerprint Image. The Fingerprint recognition engine has an unmatched ability to enhance the fingerprint image and render superior performance even in the most constrained dermatological and environmental conditions. Call our team for more technical information and price details.