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We are the supplier and distributor for electromagnetic locksElectronic door security locks are the proffered type of door locks today. We have range on em locks to support biometric or card door security systems. Electromagnetic locks are available in 600 LBS, 1200 LBS and 2400 LBS as per the door type and site requirements.
Building structure includes the gate or door security system for controlled and recorded entry to the building. HID Advance access control system is the best solution which can be integrated with Assa Abloy electronic locks and locking devices. HID card Readers controllers with Assa Abloy Locks is the best suitable combination of UL listed access product range. HID cards are a very secure medium of with 2 level authentication and a highly maintained card number system. Call us for more information and orders.
If you are worried about control of entry and exit to your office premise, just take a freash breath and visit our website- where you will find solution for your office front and back doors. These electronic soluions are designed to provide authosied entry and restrict unauthrised and unwanted persons to enter your area. Electronic door locks with card reader or Biometric Fingerprint Machine works 24×7 and keeps all the entry exit record to view as report later. These electronic locks are designed as per your door and fitting space available, wheather it be glass foor wooden door or metal door access control our team has expertise to design the right solution and implement it with service & support. We are "GSS intelligent systems" call us or write us for more information.
We are the main service provider in Lift Access Control System in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi NCR An access control application that is very common in multi-story buildings such as multi-tenanted office blocks and hotels that need to prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing certain floors via the lift(s). Elevator Access Control (EAC) helps you practice better control over your facility. The software is easy to customize and it works in tandem with user(s) specified needs such as time zone preference, to name just a few. It supports fail-safe mode which means even during power failure EAC elevator car continues to work in normal mode, wherein, it allows movement to every floor. We are the main service provider in Lift Access Control System in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi NCR For more details please contact us on 9811410963 or visit us on :
Realtime Time Attendance System Realtime T60 Biometric Attendance Machine is on of the best fingerprint recording and verification machine. This Colour display machine can be used for only time attendance or time attendance with door access control system. in case of door access cum attendance system additional locks and accessories are connected with the main fingerprint machine. Realtime Model T60 contains TCP/IP LAN, Battery, 3000 Fingerprints, 1 Lac Transactions & Keypad etc. Contact our Team for more information & pricing of the system.
Tribune News Service Chandigarh, January 11 To ensure punctuality of medical officers and other medical and para medical staff, the Health Department has decided to install biometric attendance system in all government hospitals. Health Minister Brahm Mohindra today said this in a press conference held to flag the notable achievements of the department within 10 months. He said the plan would start with introducing the system in 22 district hospitals. He said the Health Department would establish 2, 950 health wellness centres in the state. The minister added that Punjab was the first state in the country that had taken this initiative. He said these centres would be established in a phased manner and under the first phase 240 such wellness centres would be opened within this year in Fazilka and Pathankot districts and in two blocks of Patiala district. The Health Minister said the Congress in its election manifesto had promised to set up five new medical colleges and hospitals in the state. He said construction of the first college would start in Mohali this year. The minister stressed on the need to establish trauma centres to extend crucial life-saving health care to the injured during critical hours. He said the state government had decided to set up five trauma centres across the state. He added that in the first phase these trauma centres would come up along the national and state highways. The minister further added that the state government was all set to initiate the first-of-its-kind unique programme, under which State Organ Tissue Transplantation organisation would be established to provide organ and tissue donation under tertiary health care services. WWW.GOLDLINESECURITYSYSTEMS.CO.IN
Door Interlocking Solution- Door Access Control with Door Condition Programming Door interlocking solution is very useful for celan room and secure reoom or zone requirements. We desing and implement complete omplete solution with electronic door locks and accesories for door interlocking & accesss control. Contact Our Sales & Solution Desing Team for the Product New Delhi & Gurgaon Office Phone: +91-11-41011664 Mobile: +91-9811410963 Gurgaon: +91-8708734212
Smart i RFID Card Door Access Control System Smart i provide complete range of card based door access control system. RFID & Mifare Card readers are manufactured with very high product standards & quality. we Supply install, test & commission complete set of Smart i Access Control Panel for 2 Door or 4 Doors, Smart i Door Access Reader, Locks, Exit Switches/ Buttons etc. Smart i General Product Models for Access Control: Access Control Panels- SmartXS, SmartXS NG, SmartXS NG Plus, SmartXS 1U, SmartDIS. Reader models: SmartRID, SmartProx (Smart i Access Control Panels also Support HID Readers.) Access control Software- SmartCOMMANCONTROL, SmartACCESS Contact us for more information & prices.
We are the installer company for Biometric Door Access Control Security & Monitoring System. This biometric door access control system can keep record of IN & OUT for employees and also can generate time attendance report as required by the HR Attendance team. We design complete solution with EM Door Locks Biometric Machine Exit Buttons and a very informative software to provide complete control to admin department managers and owner over their front door and employee office entry exit timings. Call us for any of the requirement so that our team may suggest the right solution after site inspection or suggest the model number is already worked out on the bioemtric door security system. We suggest following brands in the segment of door fingerprint and card base access control solutions like Mantra, Realtime, ESSL, Spectra, Smarti, Time Watch, Secure eye, HIK Vision and Honeywell.